Robert Scott
The UK's Leading Frank Sinatra Tribute

Welcome to Robert Scott's website, the UK's leading Sinatra Tribute act. Now there are Sinatra Tribute acts and there are Sinatra Tribute acts, in fact there are literally hundreds of varying quality, active or not so active, in the UK alone at any given time.

This website is designed to allow you to make an informed choice as to the quality of what you will see and hear live! The calibre of Robert’s previous performances and the choices available to you if you decide to hire him for your event or occasion.

If you view the testimonials page you will find comments from press, media and music people who believe Robert’s sound to be the closest to Sinatra’s any where in the world today. However a quick listen to the songs or a look at the video will allow you to decide for yourself.

Robert performs many shows every year ranging from large corporate events to the smallest private parties or occasions, he strives to always give his very best and to offer quality and value for money. Stylish, cool, swinging and probably the closest live sound you will ever hear.

Sinatra Tribute Video

If you think that Robert is the Sinatra tribute for you or if you require any further information about hiring him contact can be made through the Enquiry Form, by Email or by phoning him directly on +44 (0) 7793 054 460. Robert is available in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, London and throughout Scotland and the UK.

Frank Sinatra tribute, Sinatra tribute

Frank Sinatra tribute, Sinatra tribute